Laptop Information

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The use of computers at school and at home has become an important part of students’ learning.  To ensure that students have access to educational resources, students in grades 7 and 8 will be provided with a Windows laptop computer for use at school and at home.  Households that do not have access to wireless internet will be provided with a wireless hotspot.

Please click HERE to view the Student Laptop Handbook.

When the student first uses the internet on the laptop from a location outside the district network, they will get a username/password prompt box when they open the browser, Edge or Chrome. This will authenticate them to our internet content filter, and allow them to continue on to the internet. This will need to be done once for each browser, and they will be able to save the credentials so they won’t have to enter it each time.

Important note: For the browser authentication, the user name must be entered in the format of “HESDNET\898XXX” and NOT “”. If it is entered incorrectly, they will not be able to continue on to the internet. The password will be entered the same as they would logging into the computer.

This authentication is not required when the laptop is used on-campus.


For information on the Wi-Fi hotspot, please download the instruction HERE.

School Device Coverage

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